The product

VE media, the future of electric charging!

Use electric vehicle charging as an advertising network

VE media, operates charging stations for electric vehicles and builds an advertising network by inviting brands to broadcast messages on display stations equipped with 55-inch digital screens. The company’s advertising network is very different from traditional gas station advertising. The EV media charging network maximizes the effectiveness of advertising visibility using charging station search applications to increase traffic.
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Attract customers to your shopping centers with the free top-up network

State-of-the-art ad management software

By directly capturing the consumer’s attention, the VE media terminal represents a new medium that will appeal to advertisers by generating real results. The terminal therefore becomes a major asset for both advertisers and implementation partners.
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The evolution of digital signage

The combination of the visual impact of digital signage and the charging station not only offers your brand unparalleled creative possibilities but also demonstrates your environmental image to consumers. Add the network of VE media terminals to your poster campaign and reach a high concentration of active consumers.

The best way to reach a well-targeted audience by increasing your environmental brand image

Attract new customers

Free recharge is a good way to attract new customers to your establishments

Customers with buying power

Electric car owners are consumers with high purchasing power
Highly efficient
Our network of terminals is a real “drive to store” advertising tool and is highly effective
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Exponential growth

Take advantage of the fastest growing ad network in the country to increase your revenue

Take care of your brand image

Terminals with a refined design that supports the environmental brand image of your establishment

Flexible solution

Flexible adware to support ad placement strategies