Install a charging station

Install a VE media charging station and take advantage of the fastest growing market in the last 20 years!

Install a VE media charging solution and offer free charging to your customers, moreover, do not pay for the charging station!

VE media solution allow you to take advantage of an unprecedented craze for electric cars. A must to take advantage of a well-targeted clientele.

femme borne recharge eletrique

Join the only network of free charging stations, a smart choice

An essential turnkey business proposal. We pay for the charging station, we install it, we maintain it!

The best way to reach a well-targeted audience by increasing your environmental brand image

Attract new customers
Free recharge is a good way to attract new customers to your establishments

Customers with buying power

Electric car owners are consumers with high buying power
Highly efficient
Our network of terminals is a real “drive to store” advertising tool and is highly effective
borne v3 1
Exponential growth
Take advantage of the fastest growing ad network in the country to increase your revenue
Take care of your brand image
Terminals with a refined design that supports the environmental brand image of your establishment
Flexible solutions
Flexible adware to support ad placement strategies