Advertise on VE media terminals, a profitable strategy!

Get real leads with VE media

Advertising on charging stations allows you to offer new visibility for your brand to customers with high purchasing power and thus generate an increase in your turnover.

Many advantages for your brand


Spectacular and efficient


Technical specifications


55 inches High Definition screen offering high brightness, very high contrast, adjusting to any type of lighting and resisting all weather conditions


24 hours a day – 7 days a week Sequences of 60 seconds in loops

6 messages per minute

Duration of each ad

10 seconds


80 faces in the most popular shopping centers in Greater Montreal

Advertising campaigns


Number of occasions per day

Face/advertiser: 1,440

Network/advertiser: 115,200

Charging stations

Level 2 – 48A capacity at 11.5 kWh

Strategic high traffic locations

Strategically located near the entrances/exits of large shopping centers or big-box stores, charging stations with digital displays are ideal for reaching a large number of consumers. VE media terminals meet the advertiser’s need to establish real-time digital communication.
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The best way to reach a well-targeted audience by increasing your environmental brand image

Attract new customers
Free top-up is a good way to attract new customers to your establishments

Customers with buying power

Electric car owners are consumers with high purchasing power
Highly efficient
Our network of terminals is a real “drive to store” advertising tool and is highly effective
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Exponential growth
Take advantage of the fastest growing ad network in the country to increase your revenue
Take care of your brand image
Terminals with a refined design that supports the environmental brand image of your establishment
Flexible solutions
Flexible adware to support ad placement strategies