About VE Media

VE media, the future of electric charging!


We’re building the future of charging with stations in the places you already visit. AND IT’S FREE. Powered by sustainable technology and a team of innovative partners.
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VE media, a solution to social and environmental issues

The environmental social issue is increasingly part of the business world. Everything related to electric mobility and alternative energies are part of the solutions to achieve the objectives set with regard to GHGs and air quality. Quebec is a world leader in clean and renewable electrical energy. VE media promotes the development and deployment of technologies that advance transportation electrification and renewable energy.

Trust the strongest team for the implementation of your terminals

The VE media team is behind the first and largest electric mobility shows in Canada. As a leader in promoting the electrification market in Canada, we are well placed to offer you the best possible product.

Our interactions with electrification stakeholders have enabled us to develop a concept that meets the current and future needs of your customers. We know the consumers of this market well since they have been our customers for several years now in our shows.

We simply offer you the best concept for you, your tenants and advertisers!


The next four years we will see a change in the electric vehicle market that we have not seen in the past 20 years.

Founder Luc Saumure describes VE media’s highly different business model, which underlines the desire to respond transparently to this growing demand. “Our business is delivering consumers to new locations where refueling takes place in the background of their usual day, free of charge.”

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