The new way to attract qualified customers to your businesses

Discover an effective way to attract customers with real purchasing power!

Charging stations for electric cars have become essential

With the help of VE media, offer one of the fastest growing services in the country. Electric car owners are qualified customers with great purchasing power, take advantage of this. Be of your time, be VE media.

Install a VE media charging station, the best way to attract good customers to your establishments. By finding a charging point, you attract new customers who are committed for a long time

Advertise on a charging station, the most profitable advertising investment. The customer is nearby and has time to visit your establishment!

VE media a must in the electrification of transport

We have decided to accelerate the arrival of electric vehicle charging. We are building an EV charging network offering free charging to drivers wherever they are. Our stations also serve as an advertising platform that increases the value of real estate by engaging new audiences.

The best way to reach a well-targeted audience by increasing your environmental brand image

Attract new customers

Free recharge is a good way to attract new customers to your establishments

Customers with buying power

Electric car owners are consumers with high purchasing power
Highly efficient
Our network of terminals is a real “drive to store” advertising tool and is highly effective
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Exponential growth

Take advantage of the fastest growing ad network in the country to increase your revenue

Take care of your brand image

Terminals with a refined design that supports the environmental brand image of your establishment

Flexible solution

Flexible adware to support ad placement strategies